“I am a Black woman with a pen, notepad, a computer and an opinion!”

Write Some Shit offers commentary on social justice issues, politics, feminism, current events and much more. 

Hannah L.  Drake shares her poetry, inspirational thoughts,videos, short stories, and encourages all her readers to write some shit to encourage, inspire, evoke thought, illuminate, speak against injustice and use their words to change the world! From poetry, to erotica, to inspiration it is all here. Hannah Drake encourages everyone to just write some shit!

As a writer, you just love the words, how they lay on the paper, how you feel getting your thoughts out, how your expressions can make others feel. You write freely, uninhibited, you write because it is who you are, it is the air that you breathe and you couldn’t imagine a day without taking pen to paper. And then it happens, life happens, critics come, you shouldn’t say this, you shouldn’t write that and you begin to stifle your voice, you second guess a word or a phrase. I will never forget riding home with my daughter one day. She had just turned 18, she was ready to conquer the world and we were talking about an idea I had for a new book. She simply said, “Mom, write what you want to write.” And it dawned on me then. Why was I holding back? What did I have to fear? I realized the answer to that. Nothing. These are my thoughts, my opinions, my voice. There are many facets that make up who I am as a writer—joy, pain, suffering, happiness, love, intimacy, sex, religion, hate, anger, peace. It is all part of the journey.  There are many layers to who I am as a person and all of that is reflected in this blog. I do not make any apologies for writing it the way I feel it, the way I see it, the way I experience it. This is simply my voice! Keep reading and I’ll keep writing!