Hannah Drake is an example of a modern-day Maya Angelou. Her poetry is riveting with details leaving you filled with emotions and longing for more. Her passion and devotion for uplifting women, disadvantaged youth and the African-American community is inspiring. How she transfers her thoughts, beliefs and passions to paper is magical. - Ashuana H. 

"Hannah has outdone herself with this book. I was riveted from the very first page. So filled with emotion and hope all at the same time. i wished for a very different ending, but the author just set Destiny up for greater things. Please finish her story, Miss drake. i'm totally rooting for this character!' - Monnie J.

You ain't nothing and you'll never be nothing!
But at least Destiny had to try. 

Born into a life of chaos, from the beginning of her life, Destiny Graham never had a chance. Abused by her father and abandoned by her mother, Destiny searches for the love that she has never known always managing to find herself in lonely bedrooms and staring at the bottom of empty bottles. In her quest to find herself, she must face the person that she has become. A person that she hardly recognizes that bears the bruises from the pain that she has endured all her life. She spends her life running from her demons until she realizes that no matter how far or fast she runs, she cannot outrun herself.  

Fragile Destiny is a tale of heartache and sorrow and one woman's triumphant effort to put back together the pieces of her broken life. It is a heart wrenching tale of what happens to a life when it is horribly shattered and the power it takes to put it back together. 

Every life has a story. This story is Destiny's.


Views from the Back Pew is taking the church by storm!!! An honest, shocking look into the lives of three women whose lives are forever changed behind the stained glass windows and pristine white walls of Abundant Life Baptist Church. Views from the Back Pew is an exciting tale of three women all with devastating pasts and crippling secrets. Charmayne, Alexandra, and Victoria are all bound by their past and held together by the possibilities of the future.

Meet Victoria Richardson a modern day church diva determined that no man will ever take anything away from her that she is not willing to give. Of course everything she gives comes with a price. Hey, a woman has bills to pay and her mother always taught her to use what shes got to get what she wants. 

Meet Alexandra Mitchell the daughter of a prominent business man, carrying secrets of his sins while her mother looks in the other direction. She is determined to face life on her own terms and never be such a weak example of a woman like her mother falling in love even if that means having secret affairs. 

Meet Charmayne Green church administrator, fed up with church, church folks, fried chicken and Sunday morning shouts. Church certainly has changed since she was a little girl and now she is unsure if she fits in especially once her skeletons come falling out of the closet. 

Each woman learns the freedom in unveiling childhood secrets, shocking lies, scandalous affairs, and adulterous relationships. Can they move from the spectator role on the back pew to a participant in their own destiny? A moving story of triumph and victory that shows nothing is impossible to overcome with God!Type your paragraph here.

"The Lady Picasso of Words!" - Gordan C.