Life Lived In Color is a collection of poetry that make up pieces of my life that projects a rainbow of inspiration, love, lust, motherhood, struggles of being a Black woman and my faith. Excluding parts of who I truly am in order to please the masses only left me disfigured, so I have decided to share with you all aspects of my work, hoping that you understand that life is lived in many colors and to deny them only left me with a gray void. There are many aspects of my life that are encompassed in one person. I tried to group them together so for those of you that would like to skip over the "juicy parts" you can. But to deny that there are many facets to me being who I am would be to not only lie to myself but also lie to my loyal readers who expect to read the uncompromising truth when they read my work. I am asking that you take a journey with me as we travel a road of a life lived in color. There are inspiration poems, love poems and poems that are just down right gritty. This is me. This is poetry and very reason that I have been chosen. I chose to live my life in color! Please join me!


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Take a mixture of heartache, stir in a cup of redemption and a heaping scoop of poetic essence and what do you have? A collection of poetry that is bound to stir your soul and set you along the course to your personal journey of true liberation. Hannah Drake has set aside her standard poetic prose and has opted to show just how far the range of her poetry can go. From stirring self-awareness pieces such as, 'I Love Me', to sensual pieces such as 'Naked', In Spite of My Chains offers readers an eclectic mixture of poetry that is sure to satisfy your literary appetite and at the end of this read, you will certainly feel refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered to walk into your divine destiny. "Hannah's words never cease to amaze me, to move me, to inspire me to lift up my pen and rejoice in the joy that I AM A WRITER & even more so, I AM A POET...Hannah's pen is like catching a glimpse of God out of the corner of your eye, or the wonder of seeing a full rainbow after a storm has cleared the sky, or the sigh you let out at the end of a fairy tale because you think, for that brief moment you believe, that anything is possible after all." ~Sharon Morgan, Author, Poet "The Picasso Lady of Words." ~Gordon Carmichael

Sex, love and poetry - the perfect ménage à trois! This collection of poetry is erotic, passionate, daring, sexy, intimate and sensual! Enjoy as you peek through the pages that promises to warm even the coldest nights as you anticipate passionate moments, with that someone special, filled with love, lust, intimacy and erotica! Poetry... I met her some time back, but she and I are just now taking time to know each other. At time she is the best lover, caressing you at night, rocking you gently, invading your minds with nouns and verbs and similes...Other times she is a beast, withholding her affection, keeping her words close, leaving you staring at lifeless paper...but when you are true to her, she is true to you... Sometimes all you have are words. And when words are not enough sometimes she allows you to see visions of sunsets dipped in vibrant colors or spring rainbows or eclipses and you know that is poetry- just from what your eyes see and your heart races, pulse rushes, goosebumps form over your body as you let poetry caress your thoughts, renewing your mind, waking old dreams and reminding you that true love, intimate love, passionate love is making love to your poetry...




So Many Things I Want To Tell You is a small collection of life lessons that I penned for my daughter as she was stepping out into the world on her own as a college student. Even after 18 years I found that there were still so many things that I wanted to tell her, life lessons I wanted her to remember, teachings that would help her along her journey. It is my hope that she will look back on this book and remember the things I have told her and carry them close to her heart. From money, to love, dating, to faith, it is all contained in these few pages. In writing this book, I found these were not just lessons for her, but lessons for all women and reminders that as a woman you possess the power within you to live free, to live happy, to live with peace, to embrace your sexiness, to cherish everything about yourself that makes you uniquely special and wonderful.

Hannah's Plea-Poetry for the Soul is a poetic song for those in need of encouragement, motivation and inspiration. Poetry written so deeply that it touches your core and serves as a tool to stimulate your mind and touch your heart. Hannah's Plea is honest and raw, however Hannah knows that poetry, true poetry, can leave the writer exposed but that writing can be used as a catalyst for the reader to be set free. From the stirring poem of At Last I Can Sing, the freedom found in Ride, Girl, Ride, or the epic tale of Mercy, Mercy Me giving a portrayal into the state of the world today, Hannah's Plea will resonate with all readers. "Writing this book has allowed some shackles to be released and for those that still bind me, they are a constant reminder that I am still free in spite of my chains and at last I can truly sing." My prayer is that this poetic journey will allow you to join in on the melody of freedom, strength and power.


For Such a Time as This is a powerful collection of poetry that focuses on social justice and awareness. With poems ranging from police brutality, slanted journalism, homelessness and feminism, just to name a few, Hannah Drake seeks to be a voice for those that have been silenced.

For Such a Time as This was birthed due to injustice, too many lives taken, too many rest in peace shirts, too many mothers weeping, too many communities destroyed, and far too many hashtags. For every individual that has become a hashtag, a face on a t-shirt, a social media topic of debate, Hannah Drake pauses to say that she hears you and this collection of poetry seeks to be the shout for voices silenced too soon, for women that are still fighting for equality, the light that shines awareness on mass incarceration and a multitude of other topics that continue to be a stumbling block to equality to everyone.We are in this fight together.Justice for one is not enough.Justice for all is what is required.And perhaps you are reading this book today because you have been picked for such a time as this.